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Background - Lodha Dwellers Pvt Ltd

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Background - Lodha Dwellers Pvt Ltd (LDPL) was established in 2005 and is a 100% subsidiary of Lodha Developers. It has four directors: Mr. Mangal Prabhat Lodha, Mr. Abhisheck Lodha, Mr. Abhinandan Lodha and Mr. Rajendra Lodha. Lodha Dwellers is a special purpose vehicle through which four projects are currently being executed, namely, Casa Rio, Casa Bella, Casa Bella Gold and Golf Links. The Company has equity share capital of ` 25 lakhs (of which there are ` 24 lakhs worth of 7.2 % Redeemable Cumulative Preference Shares).

Currently the debt outstanding on Lodha Dwellers is ` 675 crores of which ` 235 crores is secured loan and ` 440 Cr is unsecured loan (from group companies).


The purpose of PalavaCity website
is to provide platform for the discussion
to all upcoming projects at Palava -
Casa Rio, Casa Rio Gold, Casa Bella,
Casa Bella Gold & Lakeshore front Flat Owners.
We are not associated with any developers
including Lodha. 

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