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Casa Bella Gold

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Following the success of Casa Bella - which has seen over 2300 families become a part of the City of Dreams in just 6 months,  Casa Bella Gold - situated right at entrance of Casa Bella. Designed in clusters of majestic 8 & 18-storey towers, the spacious, air-conditioned apartments at Casa Bella Gold offer spectacular views of the grand central square or the sprawling golf course and the river beyond. In addition, this elite address offers you all the benefits of its prime location - easy connectivity, a walk to shopping mal, multiplex, medical facility, and a world-class ICSE school. And all this at a price which really is worth its weight in Gold.

A lively grand central square, hub of social and recreational activities, spread over 100000 sq.ft has been planned to offer you every possible privilege at Casa Bella Gold.

Completion Date: 2013. Located at Dombivali,Mumbai.

Price and Floor Plans
Type Size Rs.
2BR+2T(Optima) 792 Sq. ft. 33,28,776
2BR+2T(Ultima) 864 Sq. ft. 36,31,392
2BR+2T(Ultima - deck) 918 Sq. ft. 38,58,354
2BR+2T(Aura) 864 Sq. ft. 36,31,392
2BR+2T(Aura Premium) 864 Sq. ft. 36,31,392
3BR+3T 1098 Sq. ft. 46,14,894
3BR+3T(Premium) 1098 Sq. ft. 46,14,894


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