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Internet Safety: Time to alert before late

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  • Written by Sunny Jumle
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donottrackInternet is the one of the biggest revolution in human history development. It is helping us to reach beyond physical barrier and making life simpler. Banking transactions, Travel reservations, Educations, School admissions and Online Shopping are few things that are become part of our life. 

With advent of social network, it is easier to keep updated with family and friends. The availability of Internet on Smart phones and mobiles made it even easier to keep us connected with online World. 

Have you ever question yourself how these Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other networking sites are earning money? The advertisement is just small part of their revenue. Most of them earn money by sharing users data with the third parties. Yes whatever you write or share Online on these websites are shared with the other companies. 

Online Threat:

All these data gathered through various websites are used to form a biodata of that person. There are now sophisticated softwares that collect data from all social networking websites of person and automatically generate the character of the person. This software can tell how do you spend time on Internet. What type of personality are you? Are you the person who keeps on complaining or the person who waste time in posting status on Facebook or sharing Jokes messages on Whatsapp? 

Let us take example of Salesforce Customer platform by www.force.com, the number One leader in Customer services. BTW the Lodha developers use this platform too. So when you call to their customer service, within few minutes the Sale Person comes to know what type of person are you. The computer monitor flashes all your Facebook posts, Twitter Tweets and other online information in front of him. The software also suggests how should the Sale person deal with you based on your online calculated temperament and personality.

This is just an example. The big companies use these collected data to know about their employees. So do not surprise when next time you are rejected from promotion or new job.

How to safeguard yourself:

  • Use Internet very cautiously, especially social networking websites like Facebook and Whatsapp. Remember all the data shared by you on Internet is being collected irrespective whether it is shared privately or deleted.
  • Use different nickname while posting in public forum
  • Never post email address, phone number or any other sensitive information on internet

 Is PalavaCity is safe:

Yes! We do not share any information with the third party. The website has advanced Firewall installed which prevents other websites and softwares to collect information about you. The forum post content is inaccessible by non-registered members and other automated bots.

This is the reason, it is highly recommended to use PalavaCity website to contact, share and collaborate with other flat Owners. Try to avoid Facebook and other online platform including IREF forum for Palava related issues. 


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