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palava whereWhat is palava ? Where is Palava City ?

Palava is new upcoming planned megacity near Mumbai, located between Kalyan, Thane and New Mumbai. It is approved by Government of Maharashtra as MegaCity and being developed by Lodha Dwellers Private Ltd. 

This city will be located along 6 lane Shil phata road at the juction of Navi Mumbai and Dombivali. It will spread over 5000 acres of land and expected to have more than 1,00,000 residential flats by 2025. 


The purpose of PalavaCity website
is to provide platform for the discussion
to all upcoming projects at Palava -
Casa Rio, Casa Rio Gold, Casa Bella,
Casa Bella Gold & Lakeshore front Flat Owners.
We are not associated with any developers
including Lodha. 

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