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Top 10 Problems @ Palava

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ten problems

1. Possession dates:

Almost all projects at Palava are delayed by 2-3 years. The developer has not followed the dates given on Agreement Paper. This is bad especially to those who are planning to stay at Palava. There is no compensation for delayed possession, even though it is mentioned in the agreement.

2. Occupancy Certificate

As per law, it is illegal and also not safe to stay in the flat without Occupancy Certificate. Lodha will provide an option to take possession with or without Occupancy certificate. There are many flat owners at Casa Bello who are asking for this certificate last 2 years. Even there is no clear date given on when it will be issued.

There is big discussion currently going in the forum with more than 106 posts on Occupancy certificate. When we asked flat owners how they are planning to take possession of flat through Poll, 65% of them responded that they would take possession only with Occupancy certificate. This could delay possession further by 1-2 years.

Check out for more details http://www.palavacity.com/forum/8-casa-rio/3458-flat-possession-with-or-without-occupation-certificate.html

3. quality

Most of us have invested in Palava, because of brand name of Developer and especially after seeing nicely decorated beautiful flat. As per flat owners currently staying at Palava, the quality of construction is not upto mark. Lot of people complaining about severe leakage problems from the flat above them. The waterproofing is done very badly. The tile fittings are loose and in different color in a lot of flats. Electrical fittings were wrongly done in few flats while few flats the door and windows were not locking in properly. There are endless problems being registered there in the helpdesk office right from plumbing to electrical.

It is understood that the work of different buildings is done by different contractors so is the difference in quality. But there has to some quality control by the developer to ensure homogeneous quality throughout all flats.

4. Payment

There is common practice being followed by almost all the builders, including this builder. They extract almost 90-95 percent of money as early as possible, showing some bare minimum construction. Then put construction in the slow track. Divert all the acquired money in new constructions to get hold of new set of customers. The cycle goes on and on and on. Purchasers in all the projects have to waitn the mercy of these builders.

If you are planning or recently booked flat at Palava, then keep 95% money ready, as it will be demanded in few months. And then wait for at least 2 years for possession. Check out for more details: http://www.palavacity.com/forum/11-casa-bella-gold/3156-solved-unusual-demand-from-lodha.html

5. Infrastructure

It will take some time to develop infrastructure. But the developer must prioritize basic infrastructure. No 24/7 power supply. Frequent breakdown of lifts. No dedicated gas suppliers for the township and people have to run from pillar to post to get it. Mobile phone network is very poor, whatever network it may be. More discussion on Mobile network: http://www.palavacity.com/forum/10-casa-bella/3303-mobile-data-network-palava-my-biggest-worry.html

6. Security

Security insufficient, few robberies recorded in the complex. Theft happened last month with TV, fridge stolen, only after which the security got more vigilant. To know more about recent theft, visit http://www.palavacity.com/forum/6-general-discussion/3444-house-breaking-in-casa-bella-and-bella-gold.html

There is a nice post made Mr. Kunal Kadam, Palava Should Have High Tech Security System and Practices. Read complete post and other suggestions made by flat owners at


7. Promises

The official Brochures contain many promises and features of Palava like Train connectivity and Usarghar Railway station. In reality there is lot of discrepancies.

8. Transparency

Not 100% Transparent in dealings like open/close car parking. Exorbitant interest @ 18% for delayed payments. Charging of interest though buyers are not at fault. Site visits are not allowed.

The wrong practice of sending demand letters. The demand letters are sent with wrong amounts, i.e. the next demand letter comes before the last demand is disbursed and includes the last demand amount as well. So bank wont disburse and on raising complaints to send a fresh demand letter. The new demand letter are sent but without any receipts. With all these mistakes on their part they charge interest at 18% and also deduct the interest from the principal amount.

Demand Letters are usually sent on either Friday or Saturday after office hours. The last date of payment is calculated  based on date and time of sending demand later. It takes 2-3 days to reach demand letter by courier. The amount is to be paid within 15 days. Moreever if there are Holidays within these weeks, hardly 5-7 days are left to process demand letter by Bank. Bank takes 3 to 10 days to process demand letter. This leads to delayed payment. But the developer do not take this in account. Many flat owners are charged interest for these delayed payments.

Secondly if queries are raised with Customer service,  they responds within 3-5 days, which they say's normal response time. Many times reminder emails are required to send Relationship Managers.

9. Customer Care

No tracking kept of the false commitments made by sales, FM and Relationship Manager  nor there is a will to introduce such a system in place, even there isn’t any continuous feedback for the RM to keep a check on them, this shows that builder encourage such practices and lacks interest for improvement. Poor response from customer care.

We conducted a Poll to know feedback of flat owners about Lodha’s customer service at PalavaCity.  As per response from 88 flat owners 49% are voted for ‘Bad / Pathetic service’ and 30% voted for ‘Need to improve’. That means 80% flat owners are unhappy with the present customer service. This reflects how bad the Developer treats their customers.

Read more to know about Poll and problem faced by the flat owners while dealing with Customer service at  http://www.palavacity.com/forum/7-polls/230-lodha-customer-care-service.html

10. Connectivity

There are only 2-3 vehicle trips in morning and evening to Dombivli station and Koperkhairane with 15-20 seater. Obviously its not free of charge 95% construction completed at the time of booking. 5% remaining takes another 2 years to get ready. The vision of developing such a huge project is very good and we all flat owners welcome this move. But what irritates us is lack of commitment and transparency. We all feel the developer should focus one project first and complete it before launching new.

Word to New Buyers

The problem listed here is not to discourage new buyer but to inform them what is the ground reality. As a buyer, please ask these explanations to the Sale person while booking. You can even show this article on Phone or Tablet to them. May be this will help us to reach higher authorities of the developers and force them to take measures to rectify these problems.

Word to Developer

Please value our hard earned money invested in this project. We all are proud to be part of this MegaCity. Like other projects there are few problems but these are not being addressed. There are many problems listed in our forum. Maybe you can assign a dedicated Relationship Manager who would respond to the queries posted in the Forum. Let us all work together to make Palava a dream city.


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